Fund Hunter does not offer advice. We seek to offer unbiased views and analysis.  While we believe there is significant industry bias (link), the websites that cover funds include:

Trade bodies - Association of Investment Companies (Investment Trusts), The Investment Association (Open-end funds).

Rating services – Morningstar, Trustnet, Citywire.

Investment Trusts - Which Investment Trust, John Baron's Portfolios.

Investment platforms - Hargreaves Lansdown, AJ Bell, Interactive Investor.

Media – Citywire, Money Observer, Money Week, Investors Chronicle.

Open-end fund focused books - Effective Investing, Mark Dampier;  Fundology, John Chaterfield-Roberts;

Investment Trust books - Financial Times Guide to Investment Trusts, John Baron;  The Investment Trusts Handbook (annual), Jonathan Davis

Bailie Gifford's Quarterly Trusts Magainze - Free to read online and free to have delivered to your home.

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Octopus Energy - New customer referral link.

AJ Bell - I currently use AJ Bell as my investment platform.  I like the fact that they are a listed business and are founder run.  I do not know if they are "the best" platform out there.  However, I am happy with AJ Bell at the current time.  If you sign up with them and mention me I do get a bonus!  Their referral offers are on this page and change frequently: AJ Bell offers

Airbnb - If you haven't used this before:

Stock picking services

These are not recommendations and Fund Hunter cannot vouch as to whether merit subscribing to.  But for those picking stocks, there may be some merit in having a good source of ideas.

Funds and stocks can work well together provided that the stocks are small satellite ideas.  Running a 100% stock portfolio is challenging for most of us.

See: Investor's Edge: Satellite Driven Returns

Fund Hunter has no relationship with the below companies and cannot substantiate their marketing claims.  They are presented in no particular order.

MyWallStreet - This website seeks out the 'top 1% of investing opportunities.'  Its stock picks appear to have beaten the S&P 500.

Beth Technology - This is a service run by Beth Kindig who is based in San Francisco.  It appears to have a good track record of identifying high-growth tech stocks like Zoom.

Investing City - The stock picks from this company appear to have beaten the S&P 500.  The founder previously worked at Motely Fool.

Motley Fool US - This is one of the longest-running stock recommendation services.