Stock Ideas List

Disclaimer: this list is simply intended for educational/entertainment purposes.  Stock ideas are not followed closely (results, when to exit etc).  I may own shares in any of the ideas that are mentioned.

Before formal Ideas List started

In other words, before each writeup on Fund Hunter stated whether it would be part of the ideas list or not.  I have included one Fund Hunter writeup and two stocks from Cube.Investments.

The below is subject to judgement.  But in my view, I was positive on Facebook, Simplybiz and AJ Bell in my writeups.  I haven't factored in dividends.  All my Cube writeups are here.

Historic ideas

CompanyDate coveredDate addedEntry price Price 24 Apr 2019 or exit% change
Facebook27 Jan 201927 Jan 2019$149$19531%
AJ Bell8 Oct 20186 Dec 2018 - IPO160p406p153%
Simplybiz26 Nov 201826 Nov 2018155p202p30%

Ideas list