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1) An independent website focused on identifying the best investment funds.


2) Fund investing is appropriate for the majority of people, in our view.


3) Our process: 1) Where to invest) & 2) Fund Selection (active & passive).


4) Fund Hunter runs a model portfolio of funds that allows premium members to follow our thinking.


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Member Testimonials


S. O'Connell - 24 July 2019

 Since finding FundHunter, I have been able to make more informed choices and decisions about the funds I own: I have already realigned various holdings and I am certain that the values now have a greater chance of increasing.

I was seeking straightforward commentary and overview in order to better educate myself and focus on what matters to me; I've achieved that in just a few weeks of reading content on your website.

E. Clarke - July 8 2019

 I attended your presentation at the recent Mello Trusts and Investments Funds Show on 15th May [2019]. I just want to say, how much I enjoyed your presentation and how much your message about investing in funds resonated with me.  You were clear and to the point in what you said and I got more from your session than any of the other sessions.

JA, Cambridge  - April 30, 2019

 As a DIY investor, I've found Andrew Latto's core/satellite approach extremely helpful. By offering a rational and simple template on which to build one's own strategy, Andrew succeeds in demystifying what it takes to build a market-beating portfolio. Thoroughly recommended.