Nasdaq 100 – Paring back Big Tech Premium

QQQ’s third rebalancing since 1998.

UK Gilts – The ‘risk free’ rate hits 5% Premium

Gilts offer the ‘risk free’ rate without CGT.

European blue chip ETFs – Leaders not laggards Premium

No bear market in European stocks.

Europe Consumer Staples ETF – World Leaders Premium

A taste of Nestle, Unilever, L’Oreal and Diageo.

Lyxor Smart Cash ETF – A sterling return? Premium

The return of a cash return.

L&G Global Infrastructure – Utilities & Railroads Premium

Utilities, railroads, cell towers and more.

Global Quality Dividend Growth ETF – Breakdown Premium

Diversification and resilience.

US Quality Dividend Growth ETF – Established stocks Premium

US stocks without the Go-Go stocks.

US Dividend Aristocrats ETF – Payment Pedigree Premium

Twenty years of dividend growth.

S&P 500 Min Volatility ETF – First Thoughts Premium

Will the ‘low-volatility anomaly’ persist?

US Quality Income ETF – First Thoughts Premium

Dividend stocks versus Go-Go stocks.

iShares Sustain MSCI USA ETF – First Thoughts Premium

Does ESG deliver for investors?

ETF Fund Hunting – August 2022 Premium

Sectors, sustainability, and dividends.

L&G Global 100 Index Trust – Multinationals Premium

Multinationals and salamanders.

Global Quality Dividend Growth ETF – Kerching! Premium

Dividend stocks can be lower risk.

S&P 500 Consumer Staples – Dividend Kings Premium

Consumer staples are stable.

S&P 500 health care sector – Defensive returns Premium

Health care’s defensive returns.

Global Passives – Buying the world Premium

Multinationals and salamanders.

S&P 500 – Stock Stalwarts Premium

The US home advantage.

S&P 500 – Quality Rules Premium

The S&P 500 rules on quality.

Passive funds – best in class Premium

Three blue-chip passive funds.

Developed Mkts Tech Tracker Premium

Tech stocks in developed markets.

Global Tech Tracker – Stocks Premium

Global tech and internet platforms.

European Tech Sector – First Thoughts Premium

Can Europe do technology?

Nasdaq 100 – Sectors Premium

The Nasdaq 100 is not just tech.

Four Cybersecurity ETFs Premium

The digital economy’s last line of defence.

Mining – First Thoughts Premium

Mining is a hole in the ground.

ETF Fund Hunting – May 2021 Premium

Communications, Moats and European Tech.

Semiconductors – First Thoughts Premium

Semiconductor companies have become more profitable.

Healthcare Technology Premium

Healthcare and technology are a powerful combination.

Global Technology Tracker Premium

Technology companies can build better mousetraps.

ETF Fund Hunting – Jan 2021 Premium

Are there any good ETFs out there?

The Digital Economy Premium

The world is going digital.

ETF Fund Hunting – Sept 2020 Premium

Searching for attractive subsectors.

Racing against QQQ Premium

The Nasdaq 100 is hard to beat.

Emerging Markets Online Premium

Emerging markets leapfrog the West.

Video gaming stocks Premium

Video gaming beyond gaming.

Cloud Computing stocks Premium

Can cloud computing stocks deliver?

Cloud Computing – first thoughts Premium

It never rains on the cloud.

ETF Fund Hunting – April 2020 Premium

ETFs with growth potential.

Video Gaming – first thoughts Premium

Let the video gaming begin.

S&P 500 health care sector – first thoughts Premium

Merits of the US health care sector.

Currency-hedged ETFs Premium

Do currency-hedged ETFs add value and what are the options?

Nasdaq 100 vs. S&P 500 IT ETFs Premium

The iShares Nasdaq 100 ETF and the iShares S&P 500 IT sector ETF battle it out.

ETF Fund Hunting (mid-2019) Premium

There is an ETF for almost everything. With that in mind we need to do some Fund Hunting.

Nasdaq 100 – passive power Premium

The Nasdaq 100 includes the 100 largest non-financial companies listed on the Nasdaq stock market.

S&P 500 sectors – slicing and dicing Premium

The S&P 500 is in my view the best national market to invest in. An alternative to an S&P 500 tracker is an S&P 500 sector ETF.

S&P 500 IT sector – a look under the hood Premium

The United States appears to have the most attractive blue chip index – S&P 500. The most attractive S&P 500 sector appears to be Information Technology.

S&P 500 – Low cost funds that have outperformed Premium

The S&P 500 is considered to be one of the most attractive blue-chip stock indices. It is also one of the hardest benchmarks to beat. But a number of funds have managed to outperform.

S&P 500 – Top Ten from Uncle Sam

The S&P 500 is the United States’ blue-chip stock index. It offers a bet on US entrepreneurialism and business acumen.

Scottish American Trust – Strategy & Portfolio Premium

A diversified portfolio of dividend growers.

Scottish American Trust – 150-year pedigree Premium

Focused on dividend growth ahead of inflation.

H1 Updates: Fidelity European, JPM American & SAINTS Premium

Solid progress in the first half of 2023.

JPMorgan American Trust – Growth & Value Stocks Premium

A mix of US growth and value stocks.

Literacy Capital – Skin in the game Premium

Private equity done differently.

Five Investment Trust Picks – US, Global & Europe Premium

Conventional trusts with attractive mandates.

Fidelity European Trust – Portfolio and AGM Premium

Targeting ‘attractively valued dividend growers.’

Fidelity European Trust – The best of Europe? Premium

Going strong since November 1991.

Capital Preservation Trusts – CGT, RICA & PNL Premium

The art of not losing money.

Capital Gearing Trust – 40 years Premium

Capital preservation & prospective returns.

Montanaro European Smaller Companies Trust – Stocks Premium

Europe’s small-cap stars.

Montanaro European Smaller Companies Trust – 101 Premium

Europe’s ‘hidden’ quality growth stocks.

Smithson IT – The Full Portfolio Premium

32 mid-cap stocks in developed markets.

US Small Cap Trusts – First Thoughts Premium

A large hunting ground for active investors.

Smithson IT – Two Years On Premium

Smithson has outperformed the Fundsmith Equity Fund.

Pacific Horizon Trust – Asia Emerges Premium

There are more opportunities in Asia.

BG European Growth Trust – Digital Platforms Premium

Digital platforms, consumer franchises & industrial consolidators.

Allianz Tech Trust – 2020 Update Premium

A banner year for technology.

Monks IT – The Diversifier Premium

A Baillie Gifford fund with an eye on risk.

Baillie Gifford’s Trusts Premium

Growth stocks held in investment trusts.

Scottish Mortgage – The Flagship Premium

A truly global fund that can invest in private companies.

Baillie Gifford USA – First Thoughts Premium

US companies with potential.

Polar Capital Tech Trust – first thoughts Premium

A ‘benchmark aware’ active fund.

Allianz Tech Trust – Webinar Premium

Going for mid-cap tech growth.

Technology Investment Trusts Premium

Trust in technology trusts.

Smithson’s eleven mistakes Premium

A flawed decision-making process.

Smithson shows promise Premium

Smithson investment trust (SSON) is now 13 months old.

Allianz Tech Trust (ATT) – first thoughts Premium

Allianz Technology Trust is based in San Francisco and invests in high growth tech stocks.

A stake in Lindsell Train Premium

Lindsell Train is the UK’s original quality investing fund management group.

Smithson’s (SSON) six UK stocks

Smithson’s six UK stocks. Read all about it. From the April issue of Master Investor Magazine.

Smithson (SSON): Interim results first look

The recently launched Smithson (SSON) investment trust has released its first set of results. 

Global & US quality funds – Fundsmith & More Premium

Global & US quality: the best active fund mandate?

Montanaro Global Select – Full Portfolio Premium

A look under the bonnet.

BA US Sustainable Growth – Full Portfolio Premium

A look at the 33 stock portfolio.

Brown Advisory US Sustainable Growth – First Look Premium

A quality-growth fund run from the US.

Montanaro Global Select – First thoughts Premium

A collection of profitable small and mid-cap stocks.

Health Innovation Premium

A revolution in human health.

BlackRock’s Tech Stars Premium

Diversified, global technology funds.

Fundsmith 2020 ASM stock talk Premium

Stock talk from the 2020 ASM

Fundsmith’s 2019 annual letter Premium

A look at the tenth Fundsmith Equity Fund annual letter.

Fundsmith Equity Fund: Nine years on Premium

The Fundsmith Equity Fund is now nine years old. At £18.3bn can it continue to outperform?

Lindsell Train Global Equity (B) – A closer look Premium

The Lindsell Train Global Equity Fund has delivered a 21.2% annualized return over the last seven years.

Blue Whale’s beauties – top ten

In June’s Master Investor Magazine I have had a look at the top ten companies held by the Blue Whale Growth Fund.  The manager employs what it calls “The Beautiful Companies Concept.” 

Lindsell Train’s offbeat bets

Lindsell Train is the original quality investment boutique.  The group has not been afraid, though, to invest in companies that are yet to generate high returns. 

HL Select Global Growth Shares – Pre-launch thoughts

The UK’s largest investment platform Hargreaves Lansdown (HL) is launching a new directly managed fund.  HL Select Global Growth Shares seeks to invest in 30-40 high quality companies.

Blue Whale Growth Fund – Lunch meeting Premium

On 11th April I had lunch with Blue Whale Capital. This helped to dot the i’s and cross the t’s on Blue Whale’s investment process.

Blue Whale Growth Fund – First thoughts

The Blue Whale Growth Fund and stands out in a number of respects.  It aims to be “the #1 global fund in the country.”

Fundsmith Equity Fund: a look at its drivers Premium

The Fundsmith Equity Fund has increased in size from £39 million to £16.6 billion. The key question is whether the fund can continue to outperform given its size and fee structure.

Baillie Gifford & Scottish Mortgage

Seeking to understand Scottish Mortgage.

IC – Tech Trusts ATT & PCT

Tech Trust podcasts.

IFG – Gaming and the FAANGs

Ben Thompson and Gavin Baker.

Brewin podcast with Smithson

This time Brewin have hosted the Smithson Investment Trust – 27 June 2019.

Terry Smith Podcasts with Brewin

Terry Smith discusses disruption, payments, brands and veterinary bills.

Nick Train Podcasts with Brewin

Nick Train talks brands, sports, education and being extremely bullish.

Keith Ashworth-Lord, August 17

Johnathan Davis interviews Keith Ashworth-Lord: Picking stocks in the style of Buffett.

Introduction to Fund Hunter

Portfolio design – Three types of funds Premium

Core funds, satellite and risk mitigation.

Currency hedged funds – Pros and Cons Premium

To hedge or not to hedge.

Portfolio balance – Key Principles Premium

The best laid plans of mice and men.

Risk – Reducing drawdowns Premium

Drawdowns can be a risky business.

Market drivers – Valuation, earnings, inflation & rates Premium

What drives market returns?

War, wealth, and inflation Premium

The 20th century’s track record.

Guide to the Markets – 2022 Premium

The market backdrop.

Defensive sectors & safe havens Premium

Safe havens are not simple.

Mandates: Where to invest? Premium

The world is your oyster.

Franchise is the foundation Premium

A strong franchise is a prerequisite.

Portfolios: Style, Sizing & Risk Premium

Three rules for a funds portfolio.

Baillie Gifford’s Ten Questions Premium

Understanding the investment process.

Building fund portfolios Premium

Position sizing is as important as fund selection.

Portfolio stabilisers Premium

Potential core funds.

Q3 updates – Tech & Gaming Premium

A Covid-19 vaccine and a rotation into value.

The Investor’s Dilemma

To invest or not to invest, that is the question.

Baillie Gifford – Start Positive Premium

New ideas require 20 minutes of optimism.

Q2 updates – Tech & Gaming Premium

Winners and losers.

Collective Risk Is Gonna Get You Premium

If many things can go wrong, something will go wrong.

21st Century Technology Premium

The end of the beginning.

Q1 2020 corporate updates Premium

2020 Q1 earnings reports and guidance.

Video Gaming – facts and figures Premium

Gaming by the numbers.

Resilient funds Premium

What holds up well.

Fundsmith Equity Fund ASM 2020 Premium

Some things bear repetition.

Notes on a virus Premium

Fear of a virus takes hold.

When the music pauses Premium

Mr Market can move from optimism to pessimism in short measure

Tech Trumps Consumer Staples

The information technology sector is driving markets; the consumer staples sector is stalling.

2019: Key articles

A good idea is worth its weight in gold. Its usefulness never gets old.

The disruptors: Google, Apple, Facebook & Amazon

A look at what are known as The Four or GAFA stocks – Google, Apple, Facebook and Amazon.

The rise of Exchange-Traded Funds Premium

Exchange-traded funds (ETFs) have fuelled an investment revolution.

Season’s Greetings & thoughts

Fund Hunter doesn’t seek to be clever, it only seeks to be rational.

Mello Nov 2019: Why US markets outperform

A look at why US blue-chip stocks have beaten UK blue-chip stocks since 2009.

The currency conundrum Premium

What to do about the strength of sterling?

The fund benchmark game Premium

To get the best results, we need to use the best benchmarks.

Hotel Franchisors: InterContinental Hotels

InterContinental Hotels is one of the world’s leading hotel franchisors.

Meet your heroes: a unique shareholder meeting Premium

An investment trust AGM recently provided the opportunity to meet some investing heroes.

Restaurant Franchisors: McDonald’s & Domino’s Pizza

This month’s Master Investor article took a look at the two leading restaurant franchisors.

Fund of funds: do they make sense? Premium

Things are not always what they seem; the first appearance deceives many – Phaedrus.

Markets go up and down Premium

August has seen an uptick in alarmist market commentary. It is generally best to ignore the doom-mongers.

Payment sector: Visa, MasterCard & PayPal

The payment sector has been one of the most attractive areas to invest in. 

Six months in: thoughts so far

The investment world is baffling and befuddling. Fund Hunter’s aim is to have a rational approach.

What is quality investing?

Quality investing is in vogue. But it is helpful to use a system to assess both quality and growth.

What’s your default, dummy?

Investors need an investment default. It acts as a benchmark to judge other opportunities.

What are stock compounders?

Professionals like to become known for a new term, concept or acronym. I am no exception.

Make ETFs great again (ETF industry – call me)

The ETF industry has become obsessed with gimmicks. This is a wasted opportunity.

Woodford Investment Management – the signs were there

Good funds own good stocks. The funds run by Woodford Investment Management owned bad stocks.

A few stock market winners drive markets Premium

In the 90-year period from July 1926 to December 2016 the US equity markets was driven by a small number of stocks.

Fund Hunter Mello 2019 Presentation

I gave a short presentation at the Mello Trusts & Funds event on 15 May 2019.  It set out what Fund Hunter’s objective and the case for funds.

Fund share classes – rules of thumb

Fund share classes are confusing. But a few simple rules of thumb can make it easier to make sense of fund share classes.

Investor’s Edge – Satellite Driven Returns

Whether private investors can outperform investment funds (active or passive) is up for debate. But they do have one key advantage – the ability to selectively invest in the best ideas.